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We Are Awarded Winning Company

We are Villar Technologies, one of the most reliable companies that you will find in the development and programmation market around the world. We have clients from different countries that can assured our work and responsability with the bussiness and we are ready for you. We are here to help you and we are here to provide high quality and granted service, thanks to a high level human resource and the functionality of an excellent technological platform.

We Have Worldwide Business

Us, VillarTechnologies as the company that we are today, we started working and providing our services on February 2017. Since that date, we became a formal bussiness company whose initiative was to incorporate a new platform that would be able to work on the latest skills and technologies related to the development and programmation world that updates on daily basis. Our team is composed by the owner of the company and working beside him, we have a number of professional trained coworkers that are responsable to accomplish all of the tasks and Jobs that are constantly been assigned.

We Build Readymade Applications

VillarTechnologies provides a world of programming and development services with the main foundation of software as a service. Therefore, our team is always gearing up with the latest skills and technologies to continually keep up with the growth of the systems world. At VillarTechnologies we have the professionals to carry out jobs such as SEO, Web Design, SaaS, programming, Lead Generation, Translations, Marketing, IT Help and any type of task that a freelancer performs but backed by the confidence that only a company can give you.

Clean and Modern Design

VillarTechnologies offers an excellent strategic program to keep the execution of each job as modern and effective as posible and as it's required and requested by the client. We quickly adapt to any type of campaign or project inbound and outbound that you want to outsource, créate, improve or manage.

24/7 Dedicated Support

In VillarTechnologies we make sure that our team is available 24/7 or during the work schedule needed by the client. We have an excellent customer service team under the leadership of the company owner, totally trained to keep constant and direct contact with each client and accomplish all of the work timing related to the Project in develop.

Project Completed A Quality Professional Team with 6 years experience

Web Design

We adapt and create your web site to any type of screen, through the developing and usage of the latest trends.

Apps Development

We are your solution and your best option for the design and development of apps in the Android and IOS platform.

eCommerce Websites

Creation of websites dedicated to the ecommerce service of selling and buying process of different products, articles and services.

SEO Service

Guarantee of SEO positioning websites through a search engine optimization.


As per the projects on develop, we provide uninterrupted user and customer support to assure the accurate and the effective assistance of the job.

Design for Startups

We design beautiful modern engaging websites that always latest responsive technologies

Our Team